P&L International Home Staff


At P&L International Home Staff we only work with professionals residing in Spain, coming from places such as Eastern Europe, Africa,
and countries such as Sri Lanka or India. With this, we contribute to the recognition of the professionalism of our candidates, and we
put it at your disposal.
We guarantee maximum satisfaction in each of the areas that form our competencies, a wide availability at the time you decide, and a
great adaptability on the part of our employees.
What do you need? We have cleaning professionals, gardeners, chefs, chauffeurs, nannies, elderly caregivers, and even staff for hotels, businesses and offices. Hire our services at the time that best suits your needs, on an external basis, and with 24/7 availability 365 days a year.

Call us, without compromise.
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Professional cleaning and regular maintenance by our cleaning professionals. Our expert in-home staff will not only make your home spotless, but will also make you forget to clean and take a load off you.


Help with children is never in vain, especially when working life does not allow you to pick them up from school or help them do their
homework. If you’re going to trust someone to take care of your kids, let it be someone you trust like the P&L nannies.


If in addition to work and all the tasks you have to do in your day to day, you also have to spend time cooking, when do you have to rest? If you cook, it’s for pleasure, not for obligation. Let our chefs help you with your menus.


Having a professional for short and long distance travel is an advantage that will bring greater comfort to both you and your family. Road safety in any situation, good presence and punctuality at all times.


A garden requires specific care to keep it always in the best conditions, that’s why we provide you with gardeners who will take care of both daily maintenance and specific tasks related to your outdoor facilities.


There’s no better place to feel at home than your own home, so what better way to ensure the well-being of your elders than by bringing the caregiver home? Leave your parents and/or grandparents in the best hands. Care, companionship and household chores.


At P&L we offer all our services to individuals as well as hotels, companies and offices with specific needs. We will select the right staff for your business needs, adapting to your requirements.

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