P&L International Home Staff


Why choose an agency to hire domestic service?

Trusting an agency like P&L is all perks. And that is, you must take into account that all our candidates go through our quality filter to guarantee you optimal services in each case. In addition, you also save time searching for the perfect employee, ensure that the selected person is professional and, if you are not convinced, count on our replacement guarantee.

Can I hire one person for everything?

Yes. Remember that we are in charge of selecting the ideal candidate for what you ask of us. At P&L we will study the feasibility of your case and provide you with a specialist professional in the areas you indicate.

Can I request a babysitter during the night?

Yes, of course. All our services are available 24 hours a day, at the time that suits you best, 365 days a year. We bring you maximum comfort in your efforts.

Do P&L services cover specific needs?

Our services are mainly focused on meeting your daily needs on a regular basis, but you also have complete freedom to ask us what you need when you need it. Ask us.

What if the candidate is not right for me?

You have nothing to worry about. One of the benefits of having P&L is that, if you’re not satisfied, we guarantee different staff
replacements for the first six months.de qué preocuparte. Una de las ventajas de contar con P&L es que, si no estás satisfecho, te garantizamos diferentes reposiciones de personal durante los seis primeros meses.

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